Evening Primrose Oil: Can Be Helpful for Hormonal Acne

Evening Primrose Oil has been found to be very effective in treating hormonal acne.  Due to its ability to correct hormonal imbalance and provide nutrients which are essential for cell structure, this natural oil can not only assist in actually curing hormonal acne when taken internally but can also help with healing acne scars when applied topically.

14783984960_064d7ae865_mWhat is Evening Primrose Oil?

Evening primrose oil is derived from the seed of the evening primrose plant.  It contains a high concentration of Omega-6 fatty acids commonly know as gamma-linoleic acid or GLA.  These acids are converted into prostaglandins in the body which are necessary hormones for reducing inflammation and hormone regulation.  Omega-6 fatty acids cannot be produced by the body and can only be obtained from plant oils.

Vitamins essential for healthy skin such as vitamin E and vitamin C are also contained in evening primrose oil. This oil is also anti-inflammatory so it will calm and reduce the redness and inflammation of both acne breakouts and rosacea.

How Does Evening Primrose Oil Work?

Besides the benefits of hormonal balancing, evening primrose oil is also known to dilute sebum (the oil your body produces in over abundance when you experience acne breakouts) which reduces the risk of pores becoming clogged.

How Do You Use Evening Primrose Oil?235948411_5bdb7cbe79_m

The oil is available either in capsule form or as an oil.  As the oil itself has a short shelf life and needs to be refrigerated to stop it becoming rancid the capsulated form is a much better alternative.

The most commonly recommended dosage is 3000mg per day, so 1 capsule 3 times per day taken internally.  You can also pierce a capsule and apply the oil topically straight onto any acne spots and scars which will help with healing.
It is recommended that this topical application is done at the end of every other day for a couple of weeks and then every day after that.  It is best to apply at night time as the cells in the body rejuvenate during sleep.

What Are The Safety Precautions Or Side Effects To Consider When Using Evening Primrose Oil?

Although evening primrose oil is relatively safe for most people there are a few safety precautions which need to be considered.

Avoid using if:

  • You have a bleeding disorder as it may increase the chance of bruising and bleeding due to the GLA which can slow blood clotting.
  • You have low blood pressure as evening primrose oil can lower blood pressure.
  • You are pregnant as it may increase the chance of having complications and it can also cause the uterus to contract.
  • You suffer from epilepsy as it may make seizures more likely to occur in some people.
  • You suffer from Schizophrenia as the fatty acids in evening primrose oil may cause seizures when combined with medication.
  • You are having surgery as the oil can increase the chance of bleeding during or after surgery.

There are many positive reviews available from people who have successfully used evening primrose oil to treat their acne so it is definitely worth a try if you are looking to treat your acne naturally.

Other Benefits Of Using Evening Primrose Oil

  • Nourish hair, nails and scalp – due to the concentration of fatty acids evening primrose oil can be very beneficial in treating dry scalp issues and can prevent nails from cracking.
  • Treat eczema – eczema is quite often the result of the body’s inability to convert dietary fats into GLA therefore taking GLA in a supplement can help to reverse this annoying and painful skin condition.
  • Can ease the symptoms of menopause and premenstrual syndrome – although there is not much scientific evidence of this, many women have reported lessening of symptoms when using evening primrose oil.
  • Improve the symptoms of nerve damage in diabetes sufferers – a number of clinical trials have reported that with sufferers taking evening primrose oil for 6 to 12 months there is a marked improvement in nerve damage caused by diabetes.
  • Can lower cholesterol and blood pressure.