Exposed Skin Care Review

acne-treatment-products-BasicKit_optUsing the correct skin care range for your skin type is important but even more so when you’re battling with acne problems.  You need to ensure that the skin care you’re using has the right ingredients to open and deep cleanse your pores as well as help in reducing excess sebum production all without drying out your skin or causing unnecessary irritation and redness.

Exposed Skin Care has been specially formulated using both advanced scientific ingredients and pure natural extracts to not only treat your acne specifically but to also care for the well being of your skin.  Let’s look at some of the benefits of this skincare range and how it compares to other acne skincare products.

What active ingredients are found in Exposed Skin Care?

Products in this skin care range contain some of the following important ingredients:

  • Benzoyl Peroxide to kill bacteria and reduce excess sebum production
  • Salicyclic acid to unclog and shrink your pores
  • Glycolic acid to breakdown dead skin cells and rebuild collagen
  • Sulfur to absorb excess oil and unclog pores
  • Azelaic acid to reduce the build up of dead skin cells
  • Green tea to kill acne bacteria
  • Passion flower to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation
  • Licorice root to reduce redness and inflammation and soothe the skin
  • Tea tree oil to kill bacteria
  • Aloe vera to soothe and moisturise the skin

What products are available in the Exposed Skin Care Treatment range?

 ProductActive IngredientsBenefitsPrice
facialcleanserFacial CleanserSalicylic Acid
Pro-Vitamin B5
A soap free face wash which is hypo-allergenic and will effectively unclog the pores and release the oil, grime and dead skin cells to thoroughly cleanse your skin.$15.95
clearingtonic_optClearing TonicSalicylic Acid
Green tea extract
Passion flower
Azelaic acid
A soothing tonic which penetrates the pores to control blackheads and whiteheads and balances the skin to its natural pH$19.95
acnetreatmentserum_optAcne Treatment SerumBenzoyl Peroxide
Green tea extract
Tea tree oil
This serum is designed to kill acne bacteria as well as prevent new breakouts$19.95
clearporeserum_optClear Pore SerumSalicylic Acid
Green tea extract
Licorice root
This light weight gel penetrates the pores to control acne and blackheads as well as repair damaged skin while you sleep.$19.95
moisturecomplex_optMoisture ComplexPumpkin seed
Green tea extract
An oil free gel to moisturise your skin and promote cell renewal and reduce inflammation.$25.95
clarifyingmask_optClarifying MaskSulfur +Resorcinol
Active charcoal
An effective mask to draw out impurities in the skin and absorb excess oil.$25.95
microdermscrub_optMicroderm ScrubCorundum crystals
Green tea extract
Passion flower
The micro-sized corundum crystals in this scrub polish away dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and radiant.$30.95
probioticcomplex_optProbiotic ComplexProbiotic
Clarifying minerals
Essential vitamins
These probiotic capsules help to balance your skin from the inside by strengthening the immune system and supplying important vitamins and minerals for healthy cell renewal.$34.95
bodywash_optBody WashSalicylic Acid
Pro-Vitamin B5
Sage extract
A gentle and exfoliating body wash designed to clear your body of any acne blemishes.$25.95

While having a great skin care range is vital to your skin’s health, its also vitally important that you have the correct skin care routine both morning and night so that you use your products effectively rather than have them sit in your bathroom cabinet.


What should your basic morning skin care routine be?

  • Start with the facial cleanser working a small amount into a lather in your hands and gently massaging into wet face.  Always avoid contact with the eye area as this is a very sensitive area and is prone to irritation and stretching of the skin.   Rinse off your cleanser with warm water.  Never use hot water on your face as this can create broken capillaries.  Pat skin dry.
  • Gently spread a small amount of clearing tonic onto your face avoiding the eye area.  You may use your hands or a cotton ball or pad if you prefer.
  • Apply the acne treatment serum to your face while it is still damp from the clearing tonic.  Once again avoid the eye area.  Let the serum dry for 3-5 minutes before applying other products.  Use only a small amount of serum to begin with to see how your particular skin type reacts to it.  If your skin becomes too dry or red, reduce the amount of serum you apply or only apply every second day.  If you have very oily skin you can build up the amount you use over a 2-3 week period.
  • Depending on your skin type, apply the optimum amount of moisture complex – more if your skin tends to dry out but less if you have very oily skin.

What should your basic night time skin care routine be?

  • Facial cleanser – same as morning routine
  • Clearing tonic – same as morning routine
  • Gently apply a small amount of clear pore serum onto your face while it is still damp from the clearing tonic.  Avoid the eye area and let the serum dry for 3-5 minutes before applying other products.
  • Apply a small amount of moisture complex once the skin is dry to keep it hydrated while you sleep.

Always remember when you start using a new skin care range that your skin may get worse before it improves.  This actually shows that the products are working as all the impurities in your skin are being brought to the surface to be gently removed over a couple of weeks.  At any rate you should see some noticeable improvements to your skin after about 5-6 weeks so keep using the products even if at first your skin looks worse or you can’t see any positive change.

In addition to the above routines you can use the clarifying mask or microderm scrub about once a week but never at the same time or on the same day as this is too much over stimulation for your skin.  Ideally you would use the scrub one week and the mask the following week and keep alternating in this way.

Are there any side effects?

As mentioned previously, your skin could possibly suffer some initial flare ups when you first start using the products and you may experience some tingling.  This is perfectly normal and will settle down after a few days and can be an indication that the products are working.

In saying that however, everyone’s skin is different, so if you do experience extreme discomfort please consult with your local doctor or skin care specialist before continuing to use the products.  Fortunately these products come with a 1-year guarantee so you can feel assured that you will not be out of pocket if for some reason your skin reacts badly to these products.

How does Exposed Skin Care compare to other acne treatment products like Proactive & Murad?

While Proactive contains Benzoyl peroxide, salicyclic acid, glycolic acid  to kill bacteria, unclog pores and speed up cell renewal in your skin, it does not offer some of the other benefits that Exposed Skin Care has such as improving skin tone, reducing excess sebum and calming skin inflammation with the addition of natural essential oils.

Murad, on the other hand contains salicyclic acid (only 1.5%), glycolic acid, sulfur and tea tree oil to unclog pores, reduce excess sebum, kill bacteria, speed up cell renewal and reduce inflammation, however without the benefits of benzoyl peroxide and the natural essential oils it does not have the same treatment power as the Exposed Skin Care range and is really only suitable for mild acne outbreaks.

So in conclusion, unless you have extremely sensitive skin, I would definitely recommend you give Exposed Skin Care a try for the most effective and all round acne treatment.

Can you save money by purchasing a kit?

You can purchase all the products individually but to save money you can purchase the Expanded Kit for only $69.95 which is a saving of over 40% off the R.R.P. of the individual products.

This kit contains:acne-treatment-products-ExpandedKit_opt
Facial Cleanser
Clearing Tonic
Acne Treatment Serum
Clear Pore Serum
Moisture Complex
Derm-X Cloth for exfoliation

Add to that the 1-year money back guarantee on the purchase of your first kit if you are not satisfied, makes this extremely good value for a top quality, effective acne treatment skin care range.

If you’ve decided that Exposed Skin Care is something you would like to try you can purchase your first kit by visiting the official website.

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